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Looking for a safe place to be for “doomsday”?

December 20, 2012

As some of you know, tomorrow is the end of the world. Well that is unless you can find your way to the small Southern France town of Bugarach.

Bugarach, in the French Pyrenees.

An onslaught of 200 journalists has temporarily doubled the population of the French doomsday village of Bugarach. But with only one “prophet of doom” in town, the wait for the apocalypse on December 21 is set to be excruciating for reporters.

Bugarach was bracing for an invasion of new agers in beat-up vans, stoned hippies in white togas walking barefoot, and doomsayers seeking refuges in caves beneath the now famous Pic de Bugarach, the mysterious peak long believed to conceal a garage full of UFOs. Instead, the French doomsday village has been overrun by dozens of international TV crews rolling in on trucks with giant satellite dishes. France24.

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