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10 Street Artists to Watch in 2013

January 12, 2013

It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you’re on, street artists are talented! They’ve gotta move quick, have their ideas brewing and ready to be slapped on the wall and they’ve gotta be witty enough to get your attention.

Here’s a list from Complex of 10 Street Artists to watch in 2013 – We’re happy to say that our current artist NoseGo was featured! Click Here to See Multiple Images from All the Artists

Ankles | Adelaide, Australia


Sheryo and The Yok | New York, NY USA

sheryo and the wok

Unga and Tant of the Broken Fingaz Crew | Isreal


Xuan Alyfe | Spain


Rae | New York, NY USA


Miso | Australia


Swampy | San Francisco, CA USA


NoseGo| Philadelphia, PA USA


Unga and Tant of the Broken Fingaz Crew

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