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Whole Larder Love workshop!

January 19, 2013

Over the years I’ve been asked how I do this and that…mostly  what’s the best technique for a certain processes that will result in a meal or some other process that is a regular part of my way of life. Sometimes it’s impossible to answer these questions in a couple of sentences because the task in question is complex. So we’ve looked at some possible venues and crunched some numbers and we now want to see if there is any real interest in holding some workshops to share these skills with you.


Imagine a weekend (Friday night to Sunday arvo) in sweet accommodation in Daylesford (pics to come) where I’ll teach you whatever it is that your interested in learning. We have a massive kitchen for cooking demos, a pizza oven for dinner cooking and the accommodation is so cool, I want to move in permanently!

Here is a range of things I often get asked about, I’d like to get an idea of which areas people would like to cover:

  • Rabbits – skinning, gutting, butchering and cooking (you have to do one yourself though)
  • Trout – smoking (hot), butterfly filleting
  • Wild Mushroom foraging – whats safe, cooking demo
  • Backyard dispatch – whats the best way to dispatch a bird and how to butcher it…(you have to do one yourself though)
  • Gardening – seasonal info
  • Firearms –  safety, maintenance, cleaning care
  • Curing meat – how to make jamon, chorizo, bacon, pancetta etc
  • Larder – passata/jam/relish making
  • Flour – bread/pasta/pizza base making

The workshop sessions would be in small intimate numbers so I can get around to everyone and answer individual needs.

Things I can’t cover, because I’m not really sure how I do them myself, are photography and writing. They just happen. I can’t teach that.

Our number crunching is based on 12 people per workshop weekend, and would include:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Daylesford
  • a hamper of local goodies on arrival
  • all meals
  • cooking demos
  • how tos
  • tips and tricks

approx $475pp


I’d love to get some feedback and even see if there is enough viable interest to book a one off event.

Whole Larder Love.


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