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A short interview with Philly artist Nosego.

January 22, 2013


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThepineconegentleman. So little camper why not start off here telling the viewers that do not know anything about you something about you.

Nosego. Hello! I’m 6’2 with a slight addiction to Choco-Tacos. I’m from Philadelphia and love painting things that are inspired from my childhood imagination. 

TPCG. I see that you have been doing a lot of murals around the country, how did that all come about?

NG. I’ve been truly fortunate to have supportive friends, and I feel as though one thing just keeps leading to another.  I tend not to think about it to much and just paint, It all seems to work out and unfold quite nicely.


TPCG. Do yo have your eyes on any up and coming artists that you are digging right now?

NG. Oh yes, I love the work of Scott Albrecht.

TPCG. Where do you find the time to juggle everything that you are doing these days?

NG. Haha I just work on one thing at a time.


TPCG. Any other shows coming up, yours or other wise that you would like to tell the viewers?

NG. Yes I would love to share a few. I have a solo in Philadelphia in March at James Oliver, a solo at Unit-44 in Newcastle in May, and a group show at Thinkspace gallery in LA in the beginning of May.

TPCG. Any last words?

NG. Thank you for your support! You’re radical!

More of his work can be seen here.

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