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Born Under a Bad Sign – Interview with Kevin Margitich

December 6, 2013

Kevin Margitich’s show opens December 14 from 6-9p at 527 Bogart Court, Scranton PA. Kevin’s work has been shown throughout the country from East to West Coast and now he’s showing his new paintings in Scranton for the month of December. DSCN0897Kevin answered a few questions to give a little insight into his new paintings for a sneak preview.

BogartCourt: In this show, you’re weaving in hex signs – what’s your inspiration?
KevinMargitich: My show has a lot of reoccurring themes. Folklore and family are two of them, and in a way, one in the same. I have family in Berks County, Pa, where hex signs are everywhere. A lot of the myths and stories in hexes are in my paintings. They are somewhat welcomes and warnings all in one.

BC: The animals you paint, such as bears and foxes, seem to have a longing look in their eyes. What are they thinking?
KM: I like to think that they have to same thoughts that humans do. I want the viewer to connect with the animal. There is so much aggression out there and lack of human contact these days it frightens me. If I can put the viewer in a calm place then I am happy.  

BC: You used to live in fox hunting “country”, did you ever hear any good stories when living there?
KM: I don’t think I ever heard a fox hunting story growing up. It never really registered they they Nestwere hunted until my landlord years ago told me about her father and grandfather hunting fox in the woods behind her house, which is now the heavily populated suburbs of Philly. Soon after, I went running early in the morning and a fox ran right past me. It was in the middle of suburbia. It was beautiful.  
BC: With growing up in NEPA, has living in Philadelphia influenced the subject you paint or how you approach a painting?
KM: I think so. I starting painting animals when I moved to Upper Darby from Stroudsburg. I was working all the time and I never had time to go hiking. I pretty much lost a lot of connection with the world. It took me to move into Philadelphia to get out into the woods. Where I live in Philly I can be in the woods in a few minutes. My paintings took shape when I found myself running and walking in the woods almost daily. 

Rapid Fire:

BC: What is your favorite book? KM: The World According to Garp.

BC: What song are you listening to the most right now? KM: Music seems to be background noise right now 6tag-287483538-601363260024245838_287483538in my life. I sing Patty Cake a lot though. 

BC: What’s your favorite magazine? KM: Brew Your Own or Zymergy.

BC: What is your favorite color? KM: Black.
Three words you’d want your son to live by. Be Kind, Rewind.
OPENING December 14, 6-9pm
527 Bogart Court, Scranton PA
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