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March 23, 2014

CLOCmetro7 CLOCS coming to invade a subway car on line 8 Créteil in Paris …


The CLOCS are sculptures created by Anaïs Lelièvre, performance and visual artist. The first CLOCS were sewn in December 2012 and led by performers in January 2013. Since they have grow by constantly confronting new situations …

The sculptures are CLOCS incessant metamorphoses, improvised performances that interact with all contexts, indefinite beings who rediscover the world outside of benchmarks.

The CLOCS are heaps of used clothing, sewn together by elastic links, to form an envelope that body below assume as their skin and they come alive. These relational membranes, folded and unpredictable, adapt to various situations, recreating each surprise. Life form hatching and become the CLOCS are also a matrix that arouses passers multiple reactions. They arise at the corner of streets and other daily recesses to renew and ask how we exist in the public space, to meet each other there and live with him.

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