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Benjamin Adcroft

July 17, 2014


Forage Space: Please tell the readers a little more about yourself, your work and whatever you would like.

Benjamin Adcroft: This new series of paintings is a group of portraits, small wood construction pieces from barn wood and it incorporates paintings of wolves, portraits of friends and some naked ladies.

Forage Space: You grew up in Scranton and then you went away to college. Where did you go?

Benjamin Adcroft: I went to School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, I got a BFA in Arts mainly focusing on painting. I lived in Brooklyn two years after that in an industrial loft space where I had a studio out of my bedroom. I relocated back to Scranton about 2 years ago.

Forage Space: What brought you back to Scranton?

Benjamin Adcroft: Primarily space. I wanted something that was dedicated solely to painting. I was attracted to the larger spaces Scranton offers and it has more opportunities to find a space for what I was looking for.

Forage Space: There’s a little bit more of a buzz today then lets say 10 years ago, as far as artists go and the appreciation for art. Would you agree or disagree?

Benjamin Adcroft: I wasn’t really involved in anything until I came back. There is a pretty vibrant but small creative community. From what I see now there are more things happening, more spaces popping up, more of a sense of community including friends that I have that are contributing work towards it.

Forage Space: Corona or Miller Lite?

Benjamin Adcroft: Corona


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