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Julianna Brazill

August 8, 2014

Q. What can you tell the people that are reading this about your work?

A. Drawing is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I started drawing in grade school in notebooks instead of taking notes or paying attention, but never really dreamed that I would still have such a strong desire to draw on everything, all the time. I have my Master’s of Fine Art in Ceramics, and while I do still work in the sculptural and functional realms of ceramics, illustration is my true passion. My work focuses on the whimsical parts of life, especially those in my imagination. While I do enjoy drawing from life, and am heavily influenced by narrative comics and biographical graphic novels, my interest lies in the images stewing about in my brain. I’m always striving to find interesting, unusual ways of making work, in order to instill a sense of imaginative play and curiosity within my artistic practice.


Q. Your new show opens this Saturday (Aug 9), tell me a little about the body of work that you will be showing.

A. A few months ago, in early January, I moved from Scranton on a whim and struck out on my own to Burlington, Vermont. It just seemed like I needed a change of scenery to increase my creative output. The works put together for this show indirectly narrate the ups and downs of this journey I’ve embarked on, whether through comics based off of every day experiences, or illustrations created from the roller coaster of emotions I’ve felt since the big move. I’ve also included some ceramic objects in the show, which seem to echo the themes of the every day and the importance of place within my life.

Q. Megadeath or Pink Floyd?

A. Megadeath, without hesitation.

A. Your from Scranton, Pa and currently live in Vermont, what do you find most different between the states and area in which you live in?

Q. Well I must say that while someone, somewhere on the internet said that Northeast Pennsylvania was the most depressed place blah blah blah, I miss it quite a lot. I realize how important this place is to me, and will probably find myself returning at some point in my life. That being said, Burlington is truly a lovely town. And all of Vermont is so green right now. Such fresh air. So many cows. The biggest differences between these places are: Burlington is very transient, and doesn’t have the small-town feel or people that Scranton has (and no one says, “jeet yet?”. They call soft serve ice cream “creemees”. There are no billboards allowed, and buildings are only allowed to be a certain height. There’s a certain respect for the land here that makes me super proud and happy. I can’t find a decent cannoli here though, no coffee shop is as good as Northern Light, and I miss the Electric City sign. Sigh.

A. What do you like and dislike about the art world?

A. This is tough for me, as I guess I don’t see myself being a part of the “art world”. But here I am, so I suppose this is not true. I like art because it teaches people, provides people with an outlet for their emotions, allows the public to communicate with one another, and all while sneaking a little beauty into the world. There isn’t anything I truly dislike about art, but I will say that I feel there needs to be some silliness and whimsy breathed into the heavy, conceptual cloud that hovers over the art scene. I think flinging mud and making messes is fun, and I don’t necessarily need deep meaning or a perfectly-rendered form to feel emotion or pick up on what the artist is putting down.

Q. When not working, what do you like to do?

A. Oh! I love to not work. I like bird watching, coffee-making, hiking, reading comics, hanging out with my cat Clementine, playing video games, cooking and eating, napping, going to see movies with my awesome friends, sitting around and making fun of each other with my family, and dancing like an idiot

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