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Wonderpuss Octopus

August 25, 2014


PJ Linden explores texture fetishism with her intuitively detailed, multilayered barbed strata of 3D fabric paint, acrylic, and latex build up. Linden’s paint gestures bubble with machine-like precision yet remain abstract, reminiscent of patterns found in nature and in global folk art traditions. Controlled hues of technicolor are overlaid to sculpt hybrid animal pelts: Snakeskin, shagreen, and crocodile skin collide with mutations of coral, pearls, candy sprinkles, raindrops, and millefiori. These ‘pelts’ emit a sense of vibration and movement that Linden uses to violate luxury brands, technology, fashion, sex, and the human form. These ‘pelts’ become second-skins – avatars of subject and object. In 2008 PJ Linden formed WONDERPUSS OCTOPUS – a media based process brand reflective of appropriation, pop and anti-art movements.


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