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Dwelling: art project. Sydney, Australia

October 29, 2014

We need your help on our next art project. Please go to our page on Iniegogo and donate. You can get our zines, books and films and more.

Building a global community of artists. Creating venues that allow artists to experiment.

Short Summary

Over the past year my team and I have been looking to do a project in Australia. I am excited to announce that we have touched base with local artists in Sydney who are thrilled to work with us. However, as with any event in another country, there are costs involved. I need your help getting there in order to fulfill this project and to help provide spaces for young artists to do the same!

This will be the fourth overseas art project and film the Antagonists have created in the last 8 years. From New York, Germany, Portugal, and Ecuador continue to work with and develop the artists we encountered on past projects. We couldn’t have made those trips possible without the help from our supporters via Kickstarter campaigns . Each project resulted in a feature documentary film that continues to help the artists involved. We try to provide venues for artists, mentoring, job placement, and exposure, and we hope—with your help—we can do it again. We have everything ready for this event, but we need your help in covering travel, accommodations, and final production costs to build the exhibition and workshops. With your support, we will expand our reach and discover new art and artists.

Thank you

Ethan Minsker

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